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Audience Demographics & Geographics: Analyzing Your Competitors for Targeted Marketing Strategies

As a marketer, it is key to know your target audience in order to develop effective marketing strategies. It is important to understand your competitors’ audience demographics and geographic to get an idea of who your ideal customer is. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to analyze your competitors’ audience demographics and geographic to develop targeted marketing strategies. We will also examine a case study of Jenny and how they use analytics to understand their audiences through keywords and segmentation. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of how to analyze your competitors and develop marketing strategies that target the right audience.


Analysis of Jenny Audience Demographics

As marketers, we understand the importance of targeting the right audience. A well-crafted marketing strategy must include understanding your target audience’s demographics and geographic. Knowing this information can help you better tailor your messaging and create content that resonates with them. To analyze an audience demographic, we can use an analytics tool such as Alexa’s keyword research tool to gain insights into our competitors’ audiences.

We recently conducted a study on Jenny using Alexa’s keyword research tool to gain insight into their audience demographics and geographies for targeted marketing strategies. The summary section of ‘site overview’ provided us with useful information regarding their audience demographics; 90% of visitors are female, 10% male. Most have completed college or some college. The average age range is between 35-64 years old, most earn an income from $30K-$60K, and 32% earn over $100K. Additionally, African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic were revealed as the top three ethnicities searching for Jenny Craig services, with half of them having children while the other half do not.

From a geographical perspective, most visitors come from the US with around 1 million estimated visits in the past 30 days, visiting around 5 pages per visit. The monthly page views per visitor are almost double (10), indicating a high engagement rate among users. This could be attributed to their interesting content that resonates with their audiences, such as recipes or tips on how to stay on track, which encourages more visits from users each month than just once a month or less often than that.

By analyzing our competitor’s website metrics through Alexa’s Keyword Research Tool, we were able to uncover valuable information about Jenny Craig’s audience demographics and geographics. This data can then be used to craft our own targeted marketing strategies tailored specifically for customers who fit within these segments. With this knowledge at hand, we can further segment our target group into more specific categories based on gender, age, income level, etc. and create even more effective campaigns tailored exactly towards those segments!

Understanding Jenny Craig Audiences Through Keywords

The digital marketing world can be tricky with numerous competitors vying for the same audience, making it hard to stand out. However, keywords are a valuable tool that marketers can use to understand and target their competitors’ audience. Analyzing Jenny Craig’s paid keywords reveals a large audience in Phoenix, Arizona that they are targeting, presenting an opportunity for other marketers to find different strategies without direct competition.

Marketers must also be aware of other ways to identify their target demographic, such as demographics or geographics analysis or segmentation targeting, to provide a more comprehensive view of who the competitor is trying to reach. Leveraging these methods alongside keyword research increases the chance of building successful campaigns and reaching more customers.

Bottom Line

Understanding your target audience’s demographics and geography can help create more effective marketing strategies. Analyzing your competitors’ website metrics can provide valuable insights into their audiences, enabling you to develop tailored and targeted campaigns. By using keywords to understand your competitors’ audiences, you can identify growth opportunities. With the right data and strategies, you can ensure your campaigns reach the right audience at the right time. Leverage analytics tools such as Alexa’s keyword research to gain insights into your competition and take action today to transform your business!



1. Visitors to Primarily Female, Age 35-64, Most have College Education, Half with Children.
– Primarily female (90%) and male (10%) audience for Jenny
– Education level of most visitors is at least some college followed by college, no college and graduate school
– Average age range 35 to 64 with majority from United States
– Income level mostly between 30 to 60K and 100K+, few below 30K
– Majority are African American, Caucasian and Hispanic
– Half of the audience have children, visiting website twice a month seeing five pages per visit with an average monthly page view rate nearly double that
– Keywords research reveals prime target market for Jenny Craig is Phoenix, Arizona for top 30 weight loss programs for women

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