Researching Competitor Ads and Landing Pages

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Researching Competitor Ads and Landing Pages: Using Jenny Craig as an Example

Are you seeking a means of obtaining insight into your competitors’ marketing strategies? There exist myriad tools and techniques for researching competitor advertisements and landing pages to help you gain a competitive edge. In this blog post, we will discuss how to utilize Jenny Craig as an example to scrutinize competitor ads and landing pages. Specifically, we will explore the use of AdWords for competitor research and advertising strategies, perform a SpyFu analysis of the top five paid ad keywords from 2015 through 2020, and analyze competitor landing pages through screenshots and CTRs. Armed with this knowledge, you can achieve greater comprehension of your competitors and market your business to greater effect.


Using AdWords for Competitor Research and Advertising Strategies

Are you searching for a way to gain an edge over your competitors? AdWords is the perfect opportunity. AdWords, a Google product, enables businesses and marketers to target potential customers with advertisements. Last year, it generated roughly 42 billion dollars in revenue, demonstrating its helpfulness to businesses of all sizes. By using data from AdWords and other sources, businesses can conduct competitor research and develop more efficient advertising strategies for their projects or businesses.

Jenny Craig is an excellent example to cite when researching competitor ads and landing pages through this tool. They heavily invested in their AdWords account, as well as their overall advertising and marketing budget, which has allowed them to acquire over 10,000 data points on what advertising methods are most effective. Of course, gaining such significant information necessitates significant expenditures for testing various advertisements, which may not be practical for smaller businesses just starting.

Fortunately, there are services like SpyFu, which provide useful competitor information, including which ads were employed and when, as well as the landing pages to which people were directed after clicking on each ad. Using this information generates a swipe file of the most effective advertisement methods, allowing businesses to construct more effective ads tailored to their specific businesses or projects without having to spend time testing different possibilities themselves! With the appropriate tools at their disposal, businesses can quickly and easily research competitor advertisements and landing pages, keeping them ahead of the competition!

SpyFu Analysis of Top Five Paid Ad Keywords (2015-2020)

If you want to stay ahead of your competition in the digital marketing space, an analysis of the top five paid ad keywords through SpyFu is essential. SpyFu provides an in-depth look at how Jenny Craig utilized their ads and landing pages from January 2015 to December 2020. Of the five keywords, the first three account for almost half (21%, 8%, and 7%) of their ads over that period, indicating their ability to maintain a consistent advertising strategy across all platforms, something their competitors have yet to match. The analysis also reveals how often each ad is used across different months, some quarterly, while others are sparsely used. By using tools like Evernote to keep track of changes made to ads and landing pages, competitors’ strategies can be documented accurately and used to adjust your own accordingly. With a comprehensive understanding of what works best for your competitors and access to tools like Evernote, you’ll be better equipped than ever before when it comes time for competitor analysis.

Analyzing Competitor Landing Pages Using Screenshots and CTRs

When it comes to competitor analysis, it is important to take screen captures of landing pages or screenshots because they often change. To keep track of changes, it can be useful to analyze these pages on a monthly or quarterly basis, especially if you are doing competitive research. Let’s use Jenny Craig as an example to show how analyzing competitors’ ads and their CTRs (click-through rates) can provide valuable insights into what keywords, verbiage, and ad elements work best for them.

By researching Jenny Craig’s advertisements and landing pages, marketers can see the tests that have already been done – saving time and money by eliminating the need for expensive testing yourself. Utilizing tools like Screenshotting and Evernote to file away competitor information allows you to create a “swipe file” which offers additional resource materials down the line when creating marketing strategies.

Overall, analyzing competitor advertisements and landing pages using screenshots is essential to stay ahead of your competitors; studying their successes will help you replicate them while learning from their failures will prevent you from making similar mistakes in your marketing campaigns.

Bottom Line

Researching competitor ads and landing pages is essential for gaining an edge over your competition, and there are numerous tools available to facilitate the process. We have discussed methods for utilizing AdWords to research competitors, analyzing the top five paid ad keywords from 2015-2020 with SpyFu, and examining competitor landing pages using screenshots and CTRs by looking at Jenny Craig as an example. With this knowledge, you can develop more effective advertising strategies that will help your business succeed. Don’t wait any longer – start researching your competitors today!


1. Gathering Competitive Research with SpyFu – Amaya

– Amaya  will be doing research on competitors’ ads and landing pages.
– SpyFu is the tool they will use to collect helpful data related to a competitor’s online presence.
– For example, Jenny Craig has been utilizing AdWords for their advertising needs and SpyFu shows a lot of useful information about them such as the amount of money spent in AdWords each year.
– AdWords may be an expensive tool but it is great for gathering essential competitive research information.

2. Strategies for Creating an Advertising Campaign to Compete with Rival Brands

– When creating an advertising strategy, research competitors like Jenny Craig and utilize their statistics to get reliable data points.
– Utilize specific messaging based on the time period as this can affect response rates.
– SpyFu is a great tool to use when researching competitor data, such as keywords and ads used in previous months or years.
– Collecting competitor’s ad information into a “swipe file” allows marketers to create successful campaigns that compete with large brands

3. Jenny Craig Tops Ad Rankings, Uses Yellow in Ads

– Jenny Craig was the top ad by percentage last year, with 21%.
– Yellow color was frequently used across their ads over the course of a few months before changing out.
– The second most frequent ad was sparsely used throughout the same time period.
– The third most frequent ad was primarily used in February and showed up on 7 different keywords.
– By clicking on “highlight here”, users can see screenshots of each individual advertisement.

4. Tracking Changes to Landing Pages for Ads with Evernote

– Utilizing tools such as Evernote can help to keep track of changes in landing page attached to an ad.
– Using a tool like Evernote allows for quick and organized note taking, keyword searches, and date stamps.
– Keeping up with competitors’ ads on a monthly or quarterly basis allows one to see their changing strategies.
– It is important to switch out ads periodically due seasonality demands or because the current ad may be overused by viewers looking at it too often.

5. Monitoring Competitors to Cut Costs and Improve Results

– The most consistently used keyword throughout the year is 21%.
– Analyzing top 5 to 10 competitors on a monthly or quarterly basis can save time and money.
– Tracking competitor landing pages helps determine what works best, as companies spend time and money testing them.
– Downloading a guide and creating a swipe file with screenshots of competitor activity using tools like Evernote can help in analyzing their successes.

6. Recognizing Industry Trends Through Competitor Analysis

– Recognizing trends in the big players of a certain industry is key.
– Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have similar landing pages and ads, indicating their competitive strategies.
– Looking at how competitors are marketing themselves can provide valuable insights into industry trends and practices.
– Analyzing the strategies used by large companies can help inform your own decisions about positioning your product or services in the marketplace.

– 5 .Keeping an eye on what rivals are doing will help you refine your marketing techniques to stay ahead of the competition 6 .Knowing what changes competitors make to their branding allows you to respond accordingly with targeted strategies 7 .Observing how top brands advertise can give ideas for creative marketing campaigns 8 .Staying up to date with research trends will enable businesses to stay one step ahead of the competition

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